Table Mountain National Park

Table Mountain National Park Overnight Trails

Table Mountain National Park makes up an area of over approximately 30,000 hectares with over 250km of hiking paths. The Park, originally made up of diverse areas managed by at least five different authorities, was proclaimed in 1998. Although it is still not a single continuous areas with some sections of the city and private land breaking the continuity, it is surrounded by the municipal boundaries of the city of Cape Town. The park extends approximately 80km, from Table Mountain itself in the north, to Cape Point in the south. The Park incorporates the fenced area the Cape of Good Hope Nature reserve, itself an area of 7,500 hectares.

There are numerous routes that can be used for day hikes, from short, easy walks along contour paths, to strenuous full day hikes that require sound knowledge of the Mountain and the paths. There are two recognised multi-day hiking trails: one the Hoerikwaggo Trail five day trek and, two the two day Table Mountain Trail. The Hoerikwaggo Trail makes use of the four established tented camps that were purpose built for this route, while the Table Mountain Trail makes use of the renovated, comfortable Overseers Cottage. For more information on these trails and treks, click on the links below. Further detailed information on the history, current situation, slackpacking option and booking can also be found on Table Mountain Hiking Trails.

1. Table Mountain Hiking Trail

2. Hoerikwaggo Hiking Trail

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