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Cederberg Heritage Route – Sevilla Trail

The final day of this particular option is a guided walk along the Sevilla Rock Art Trail. After breakfast we were met by local guide and rock art expert John Mountain, for transfer to Traveller’s Rest, where the trail starts. The road out of Wupperthal is quite spectacular and a visit to this area, via the Biedou Valley, is worth just for this drive. The gravel road showed sign of being worked on and for the most part, was in excellent condition. Cederberg Heritage Route - Dec 2014_0266 Although the trail is only 4 km in distance, it has nine rock art sight with an incredible variety of images. I have walked the Savilla Trail several times myself, so was familiar with the area. John, with his expertise, gave new insights in to the history and the interpretation of the rock art.

Cederberg Heritage Route - Dec 2014_0294

The terrain is fairly flat, following the bank of a riverbed and the walking is easy. John has so much to add and so many stories to tell, that it took us a bit longer than anticipated, with the only negative was that we could easily have spent another hour or two with this interesting man. Cederberg Heritage Route - Dec 2014_0292

For a full album of images from the Cederberg Heritage route click on the image below.

Cederberg Heritage Route – Dec 2014

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Cederberg Heritage Route – Wupperthal

The town of Wupperthal is small, picturesque and has an interesting history. It is famous for it’s rooibos tea and has a small factory outlet with a full range of the local product. As we were in self-catering accommodation, we wasted no time in finding this and stocking up for both immediate consumption and to take home. Apart from the natural, original flavour there are a few variations such as mint and lemon, as well as a number of combinations such as honeybush and buchu (also a local product).

Cederberg Heritage Route - Dec 2014_0263

The town’s history is based on the Moravian Mission Church, a beautiful building in the centre of town. Unfortunately there is very little information on the history of the town available there or at the museum, which is a very disappointing collection of unrelated artifacts. Cederberg Heritage Route - Dec 2014_0258

As we were there during a holiday period, there was not much activity at the famous shoe factory, although there was a small range of products on display. Much could be done with this as an attraction.

Cederberg Heritage Route - Dec 2014_0253

Being a small town, it does not take long to explore and within an hour we had seen all that there was to see and spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere. Dinner that evening was at Leipolts Restaurant, named after Rhenish missionary, Johann Gottleib Leipoldt, one of the founding fathers of the town and father of C. Louis Leipoldt.

Once again we experienced the wonderful hospitality of the area and enjoyed an excellent meal based on local cuisine.

Cederberg Heritage Route - Dec 2014_0264

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