Cederberg Heritage Route – Day 4

Cederberg Heritage Route - Dec 2014_0183Today Klaas takes over from Riaan as guide for the day and once again we head out early to escape the heat. We are heading for our final overnight stop in the historic mission station village of Wupperthal. It is the shortest and easiest of the days, but there is the promise of an interesting river walk with waterfalls and pools and later in the day, the opportunity to swim in the river.Cederberg Heritage Route - Dec 2014_0180

We start on the back path that takes us through Grasvlei, whereas the day before we had come in along the road. Here we join the road to Kleinvlei. Much of the days walking will be along this fairly substantial jeep track, with occasional detours off the road to see a view point, a waterfall or to take a short cut.

Cederberg Heritage Route - Dec 2014_0189

Cederberg Heritage Route - Dec 2014_0210

There are two very special waterfalls on the route, Nooiensgat and one that appears to be nameless. We would not have found either of these without a guide and both are quite unexpected and wonderful. In the one case, the slow running river is suddenly forced in to a narrower channel and over a 50 metre (I am guessing) cliff face; in the other it is spread out over a lower, moss covered ledge and in to a large and beautiful pool, surrounded by lush trees and bushes.Cederberg Heritage Route - Dec 2014_0217

The path passes through the little settlement of Agtervlei, before the heading off towards Kleinvlei. From here it follows the valley of the Tra-Tra River towards Wupperthal. It is on this section that the promised swimming spots are easily accessible and we had no hesitation in jumping in to the cool water.

Cederberg Heritage Route - Dec 2014_0233

Cederberg Heritage Route - Dec 2014_0226

From here it is difficult to see exactly where the path goes to get to the village and it has a somewhat surprising turn in to a small valley and up on to a ridge which overlooks the town. The terrain changes quite dramatically here with the rock formations around Wupperthal completely different from the sandstone of the Cederberg. The picturesque town sits snuggled in to a triangle where three valleys meet.

Cederberg Heritage Route - Dec 2014_0239

Cederberg Heritage Route - Dec 2014_0247

Within a very short period we had dropped down in to the village, once again pleased to be there as the temperature was beginning to rise quite quickly. We arrived shortly before lunch time and had some difficulty in locating the key to the self-catering cottage in which we were to spend the night, but once Klaas had organised this for us we settled in to the cool and comfortable venue. Once rested and lunched, we would explore the town.

Cederberg Heritage Route - Dec 2014_0219

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