Tugela Gorge Trail – Drakensberg

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From Tsitsikamma, we drove back to George for the flight to Durban and the road trip in to the Drakensberg. We stayed at the fabulous Montusi Mountain Lodge, cradled in the arms of the famous and magnificent Amphitheatre. The warm welcome we received from Carolyn and staff made us feel immediately at home. After the days travelling and an excellent meal, it was early to bed for all of us.

The next day we were collected by our Cheolock, our local mountain guide, for the short journeny in to the Royal Natal National Park and the day trek up the Tugela Gorge. This was new territory for me, having only been there once before, many years ago. The path is well defined and there is a gradual upward gradient in to the Gorge. What an inspiring setting – every turn reveals a new opportunity to take a photograph of the magnigicent towering cliffs above and valley below. The mountains are truely awesome and the Tugela Falls, at 948 metres, the second highest waterfall in the world, quite amazing. Although we did not get too close to the falls themselves, just seeing them cascading down the shear drop makes you wonder where all the water can come from. This has definitely inspired me to explore more Drakensberg hiking.

The mainly downhill walk back seemed a lot quicker, than the walk out, but we were probably taking fewer photographs. The warm atmosphere at the lodge, together with the cold beer completed a very satisfying day. Everyone agreed that it would have been nice to spend a bit more time here.

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