Lion verses lionness

WT Great Game May 2013_454WT Great Game May 2013_433WT Great Game May 2013_434WT Great Game May 2013_435WT Great Game May 2013_437WT Great Game May 2013_439
WT Great Game May 2013_441WT Great Game May 2013_443WT Great Game May 2013_446WT Great Game May 2013_448WT Great Game May 2013_449WT Great Game May 2013_450

Lion verses lionness, a set on Flickr.

This series was taken on safari with clients at Tanda Tula Private Reserve – Timbavati. For a better sequence taken by Patrick, our safari guide, follow this link the the Tanda Tula blog.

This was mainly a safari tour for Wilderness Travel, but we did a bit of walking through the bushveld with Patrick as well. Wonderful experience to be out there with really knowledgable and passionate guides. More about the walking later.

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