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AML Assessment Cederberg

Cederberg AML Assessment Nov 2012_001Cederberg AML Assessment Nov 2012_002Cederberg AML Assessment Nov 2012_003Cederberg AML Assessment Nov 2012_008Cederberg AML Assessment Nov 2012_012Cederberg AML Assessment Nov 2012_013
Cederberg AML Assessment Nov 2012_015Cederberg AML Assessment Nov 2012_016Cederberg AML Assessment Nov 2012_017Cederberg AML Assessment Nov 2012_027Cederberg AML Assessment Nov 2012_028Cederberg AML Assessment Nov 2012_030
Cederberg AML Assessment Nov 2012_038Cederberg AML Assessment Nov 2012_039Cederberg AML Assessment Nov 2012_042Cederberg AML Assessment Nov 2012_045Cederberg AML Assessment Nov 2012_048Cederberg AML Assessment Nov 2012_054
Cederberg AML Assessment Nov 2012_055Cederberg AML Assessment Nov 2012_056Cederberg AML Assessment Nov 2012_057Cederberg AML Assessment Nov 2012_058Cederberg AML Assessment Nov 2012_059Cederberg AML Assessment Nov 2012_060

AML Course Cederberg, a set on Flickr.

This was hardly ‘slackpacking’: slogging up to the base of the ‘Cracks’ and through the narrow ‘Crack’ with full backpacks. The legs definitely felt the extra weight compared with the usual light day pack that I have used on the route before. In order to complete the practical assessment for mountain leadership qualification an overnight hike has to be completed, together with day and night navigation, emergency procedures, first aid, safety on steep ground and leading a group.

Assessor Anthony Hall, had set us a few pre-hike tasks, including planning the route, organising the logistics of getting there, equipment preparation and meal planning. It was off to an early Saturday morning start – 4 a.m. to pick up Annie, then Anthony and finally Neil, before starting the four hour trip up to the Cederberg. I have done this trip a few times recently, but I found it a bit quicker than usual, probably because we were not distracted by any diversions to take photos or chat about features or history.

The stop to collect permits to overnight in the mountains, from the Cape Nature office in Algeria went smoothly, as did the formalities at the Sanddrif  office. By shortly after 9 a.m. we were on our way to the parking area at the start.  Anthony was soon putting us through our paces, checking our equipment, packing and pre-hike briefing. Then it was the physical stuff, the trek up that slope with the heavy packs, with Annie leading from the start.

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Bloupunt Waterfall and Montagu Hiking

Montagu Hiking Oct 2012_077Montagu Hiking Oct 2012_009Montagu Hiking Oct 2012_012Montagu Hiking Oct 2012_021Montagu Hiking Oct 2012_028Montagu Hiking Oct 2012_033
Montagu Hiking Oct 2012_061Montagu Hiking Oct 2012_063Montagu Hiking Oct 2012_064Montagu Hiking Oct 2012_073Montagu Hiking Oct 2012_076Montagu Hiking Oct 2012_086
Montagu Hiking Oct 2012_088Montagu Hiking Oct 2012_097Montagu Hiking Oct 2012_099Montagu Hiking Oct 2012_109Montagu Hiking Oct 2012_112Montagu Hiking Oct 2012_117
Montagu Hiking Oct 2012_122Montagu Hiking Oct 2012_125Montagu Hiking Oct 2012_127Montagu Hiking Oct 2012_129Montagu Hiking Oct 2012_131Montagu Hiking Oct 2012_132

Bloupunt Waterfall – Montagu, a set on Flickr.

A visit to Montagu is never complete without some hiking into the Cogmanskloof and surrounding valleys. I had the opportunity to spend a few days there while a client was enjoying the luxury of the Sanbona Private Game Reserve, so I took the opportunity to explore some of the trails and Montagu itself. I had passed through a few times and spend short periods there, but not enough to enjoy the hiking trails. Enough said, it needs a few days dedicated to hiking only, with the Cogmanskloof Trail and the Bloupunt Trail both a full days trekking. (My) photographs don’t really do justice to the overpowering cliff faces and twisted rock formations, as well as the sound of the waterfalls and continuous bird songs. I only walked as far as the waterfalls on Bloupunt Trail (3hrs return), having done a two hour walk to the ridge above the Cogmanskloof Pass (Aasvoël Trail) in the morning.

I’ll be back to make a booking for the overnight trek shortly.

Mountains, rocks and hikes – Montagu Oct 2012


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