Helderberg Nature Reserve

I am embarrassed to admit that although I grew up in the shadow of the Helderberg Mountain, overlooking Somerset West, except for short picnic excursions in to the Nature Reserve, I have never hiked there. Sunday was a first, with Ray putting together a map reading and navigation exercise. We never achieved our target of West Peak, as the exercise took up a bit more time than there was available, but that remains for next time.
We did get to paths high up on the slopes of the Mountain, before you get to the real up-hill trek to the peak and that alone provided with some incredible views over the Hottentots Holland Mountains, False Bay and Somerset West. A bit nostalgic for me, looking down on the magnificent valley where I grew up and seeing the island in the farm dam that my mother insisted on retaining when the dam was built. A great place to swim and explore and today a wonderful bird haven for the residents of Helderberg Village.
In all a good days exploring and an incentive to go back there. The photo album tells the story of the views and the exercise was an interesting one as from a hiking perspective, none of us knew the area well.

For guided mountain walks and overnight hiking trails contact Frank: frank@slackpackersa.co.za


Helderberg Nature Reserve April 2012

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