colourful zebra1

Colourful zebra

3 responses to “colourful zebra1

  1. celeste

    who is this artist and where is it?

    • This was a photograph taken of a mural on the ‘fan walk’ from Cape Town station to the Cape Town Stadium during the 2010 Soccer World Cup. The ‘fan walk’ was a decorated and festive pedestrian area link to the stadium. I am not sure who the artist was, although I think it was a collabrative effort. The fan walk is still used during events at the stadium, although I am not sure whether the murals are still in place. I will check next time I am in the area.

      Cape Town is a creative city with many art galleries and regular public art projects. It has also the focus of the creative world in 2014, being voted World Design Capital for that year.

      Your Cape Town Host

  2. This is a photograph of a mural that was painted on the ‘fan walk’ during the 2010 world cup in Cape Town. The murals all had football and African themes. I am not sure who the artist(s) were – I think they were collaborative efforts. I am also not sure what happened to them or if they are still there. I suspect not, but will have a look next time I am in the area.

    Cape Town is a very creative city, with plenty of interesting art galleries and public art projects. Cape Town has been voted as the Design Capital of the World for 2014.

    Your Cape Town Host

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