Skeleton Gorge

After recovering from my back injury in November I feel as if I am rediscovering some regular routes on Table Mountain all over again. Skeleton Gorge yesterday was typical of this. A beautiful day in Cape Town (again) and I had planned to get some work done at home, after hiking in Muizenberg yesterday. The temptation was to great when a friend asked if I would like to do a short hike from early afternoon.

Kirstenbosch Visitor

The start was delayed by fascination with two huge spider webs in the parking area of Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens and a chance meeting with Norman who was taking photographs (Google Ask Norman’ for anything you want to know about spiders in South Africa).

Close Up

Hiking up ‘Skelies’ was as inspiring as ever, cool, quiet and great exercise – I could feel the legs by the time we got to the top. There was a little bit of water running in a few places after Friday’s rain and with winter arriving soon it probably won’t be long before it can’t be done without getting feet wet.

We decided to take the open route down and hiked across to Overseers Cottage and with light starting to fade, down Cecelia Ridge. There are some stunning King Proteas out on this route and of course the brilliant views. By the time we got back to Kirstenbosch it was almost dark and completely deserted. Nice having it to ourselves but after being told by Norman how far the spiders can throw their webs were very aware of hidden strands across the path.

Fading Light

Two concerns:

There are signs that more people are taking short cuts, creating erosion potential in the winter, both in Skeleton Gorge and coming down Cecelia Ridge.

Coming across a lone woman tourist walking down Skeleton, who was very relieved to see us as she really was not too sure if she was on the right route. Never hike alone on Table Mountain – especially if you don’t know where you are going.



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3 responses to “Skeleton Gorge

  1. Erin Fourie

    Hi Frank.

    Thank you for that great read.My father and I have recently started hiking, probably arpund 2 to 3 months ago, and we are absolutley loving it!!
    We have been doing a lot of hikes in Table Mountain, which amazes us evry single time.

    Have you ever hiked Devil’s Peak.
    If so, is there any advice or tips that you can give me, as a group of us will be hiking it on Saturday morningm
    Very excited about this one.
    Look forward to your reply.



    • Hi Erin – Table Mountain will continue to stun you as long as you carry on walking it, I never get tired of it. I assume that you will be taking the zig-zag path from Tafelberg Rd to the Saddle to get up Devils Peak. The path is fairly clear, stick to the main path at the top before taking the direct path, straight to the top. Do you have a good map? If not go
      If you are using any other route you must have someone who knows the way. Take plenty of water. Enjoy

      BTW – I always recommend joining a hiking club – I walk with the Meridians (, but there are others.

  2. leonard

    Does anyone know about a woman who hiked here for deaf children charity.?

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