Wind Blown to Cape Point

Wonderful wind at 65 km / hour made walking a challenge. Certainly blew all
the cobwebs away and well done John & Ned, not only for braving the
elements, but enjoying them. Not a great day for photos but the wind blown
bush gives an idea. Conditions gave a feel for what it must have been like
for sailors rounding the Cape in a gale. One brave yacht sailed past at

Preparing the evening meal, I knew we were in Cape Point when a little
‘lady’ baboon tried to raid the kitchen. I thought we were lucky when she
ran out, only grabbing the remnants of a packet of crisps on her way. Not so
lucky – lesson 1: don’t leave the kitchen door open if you not in the
kitchen – probably even if you are. The little ‘lady’ was just the decoy and
while attention was diverted in came the big guy. One bunch of bananas, four
sandwiches, two onions and a block of cheese later and he escaped from the
kitchen, taking his troop with him. Lesson 2: Don’t leave open coffee on the
table; baboons don’t like coffee, except out of the packet and distributed
on the kitchen floor. We were lucky – evening meal mostly still intact – no
toasted sandwiches with dinner and on coffee, except to clean up.

Early risers, John and Ned – breakfast eaten and on the path by 7.30. Wind
dropped for a wonderful walk along the beach. Close up and personal with a
small herd of Bontebok, a couple of Ostriches and a large herd of Eland away
on the hill – no more baboons. Heading across a sea of white everlastings
for lunch as Sirkelsvlei, pleased for the early start as the sun heated up.
Back at the gate by 2.30, great hike, great company – superb views as

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